The President's Welcome Center provides an opportunity for guests external to the University to meet with the President of the University or a member of the staff of the Office of the President. Please contact Ellen Farrar, Executive Assistant to the President to schedule a video conference meeting at the President's Welcome Center. Her email address is: Thank You!

The President's Office is where Dr. Curt Watke hangs out and meets with members of the Missional University community regarding various Missional University topics. To set up a meeting with Dr. Watke, please contact him at

With the educational expertise of instructors who themselves are "in the field," I believe the students enrolled with Missional University will be able to gain knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of God's mission they are already serving in. They will learn how to apply those insights to real life contexts immediately - from worship leading to community development to multi-cultural ministry in various settings. Assistant to the President for Special Projects, I am excited to serve both students and faculty as we grow and learn together to see the gospel proclaimed in home, church and community.

The Executive Assistant to the President at Missional University. This role works with the President in organizing and executing tasks related to the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors. 

The Activation Team in each school forms a volunteer, ad hoc, team that facilitates the ongoing development of the curriculum, faculty, programs, conferences, research, media and admissions of the school. Seven faculty within each school serves on the Activation Team in their school. The Activation Team works alongside the Dean and Department Chairs in the school and receives coaching and resourcing from another MU staff member. Department chairs with interest in one of the roles are encouraged to also participate.

Welcome to the Administrative Welcome Center! Here you will have the opportunity to discuss issues with the administrative staff regarding admissions & enrollment, student services, registration, finance and information technology. To schedule an appointment please email to person you need to speak with and they will set up a face-to-face conversation at our welcome center.