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The School of Missional Practice is all about a transformational journey towards the missional thinking and practices for the people of God that reflect our true identity. Whether you are interested in business as mission, sports mission, ministry in apartment complexes and urban settings, working with emerging generations, managing non-profit organizations, developing your missional leadership skills, starting new missional congregations or transitioning institutional churches into missional hubs - you have come to the right place!  Schedule an appointment today so that you can have a face-to-face conversation with our Dean, Dr. Kimberley Morrison, or one of our faculty or staff. Just email Dr. Morrison at kmorrison@missional.university to set up your appointment. 

It is the great joy and deep passion of the School of Missional Practice to provide learning environs that function as transformational journeys for the people of God towards the missional thinking and practices that reflect our true identity. In every academic term of learning we invite our students into a community of practice that is as ancient as our parents in the original garden and as contemporary as the globalized diversity in our chatrooms. The domain of our learning is shared competencies of missional practice in pre-Christian and post-Christian contexts. The goal of our learning is that we become more closely aligned with the God whose image we bear such that his cruciform passions shape our own labors. As citizens of heaven, we await the King of love who has clearly displayed his missional heart and described his missional purposes. As residents of this earth we will labor to learn how to shape our thinking and practices towards the renewal of all things.

Shared governance is a collegial ethos and inclusive process that allows all constituencies of our community to participate meaningfully in the University’s strategic and operational decisions. The operant assumption of shared governance is that each of these constituencies—faculty, administration, staff, students, trustees and alumni—bring unique and valuable perspectives to the deliberative decision process. Shared governance signals our institutional commitment to create and follow policies and procedures that facilitate inclusive decision-making. Successful shared governance ensures that University constituencies have voice in, and influence on, the decisions that affect them.  Missional University Faculty Handbook