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At the core of gospel-centered communities is the telling of the good news of Jesus Christ through story telling, song and Biblical exposition. This communication is expressed through various media: print, multimedia, visual, social, music, drama and choreography to name a few. In addition gospel-centered communication is to be culturally-conditioned -- expressed in the vernacular of cultural forms and idioms that are indigneous to the hearer and viewer.

Shared governance is a collegial ethos and inclusive process that allows all constituencies of our community to participate meaningfully in the University’s strategic and operational decisions. The operant assumption of shared governance is that each of these constituencies—faculty, administration, staff, students, trustees and alumni—bring unique and valuable perspectives to the deliberative decision process. Shared governance signals our institutional commitment to create and follow policies and procedures that facilitate inclusive decision-making. Successful shared governance ensures that University constituencies have voice in, and influence on, the decisions that affect them.

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